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A regional networking hub to share evidence and strengthen action to realise sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) for all in Southern Africa and globally.


Second Edition of the Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference on SRH (SARSYC)

Press release Theme: “Building a Business Case for a Solid Future through Access to Youth Sexual Rights, Health Services, and Commodities.” 13-15 July 2017, University of Johannesburg, South...

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UNESCO releases recommendations on Adolescent Pregnancy for the Education sector

While the 2017 London Family Planning Summit is an occasion to commend efforts of many countries for having made impressive progress toward expanding access to voluntary family planning services, early and unintended pregnancy (EUP) still jeopardizes educational opportunities for girls. The education sector plays a key role in preventing EUP and supporting pregnant girls and parenting mothers. UNE...

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Falling what? Let’s be grown-up about teen pregnancy

Deborah Ewing So if I hear one more person talk about girls “falling” pregnant, I am going to stick my foot out and trip them up, to knock the meaning of the word “fall” into their head. ...

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In The Media

New HIV policy for schools does not go far enough

New HIV policy for schools does not go far enough * Spotlight By Kirsten Whitfield, SECTION27 The DBE's new National Policy on HIV, STIs and TB in the basic education sector allows learners access to condoms and contraceptives, a development that has been lauded widely since its launch at the 8th SA AIDS Conference which took place in Durban from 13 to 15 June. ...

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