16 May 2017

Join the call to advance women’s and girls’ health

A new WHO Director-General will be appointed at the beginning of next week’s World Health Assembly (May 22-May 31).  In this regard, and in the context of May 28 (International Day of Action for Women’s Health), Doctors for Global Choice, IFMSA, IPPF, and WGNRR have put together a letter for the new Director-General, congratulating them on their appointment and asking them to support and advance all commitments to women and girls’ health, particularly their SRHR.

The organisations will be publicizing the letter as soon as possible following the announcement of the new Director-General. Additional sign-ons & endorsements are very welcome; for CSOs interested in signing on, please do so at this link by Friday, May 19, 5pm EDTThe final content of the body of the letter can be found here.