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A networking hub to share evidence and strengthen action to realise sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) for all in Southern Africa and globally.


IMARA holds first ever Educational Fair in Comoros

Sex Rights Africa Network Member Armel Azihar, with IMARA (I’m A Rad African) Comoros participated in IMARA’s first Educational Fair in the country. The fair covered many aspects of education and ...

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Conflict, poverty and hunger driving child marriage in South Sudan

Another generation of girls in South Sudan will miss out on an education, face huge health risks in childbirth and are more likely to face sexual and domestic violence, if efforts to end child marriage are not stepped up, warned international agency Oxfam in a new report published on 18 February. In Nyal, in the north of the country, Oxfam found that 70 percent of girls are married before...

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Busiku Handema Reflects on the SRHR Regional Forum

The movement building forum on SRHR was very interesting just from the preparation we were told to expect respect and that is what we got. To begin with getting people to sign the petition on "free sa...

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In The Media

Grip it and rip it on International Condom Day

WATCH: Grip it and rip it on International Condom Day The day is observed before Valentine's Day to raise awareness about safe sex. ...

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