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A networking hub to share evidence and strengthen action to realise sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) for all in Southern Africa and globally.


Choose To Challenge by holding those in power accountable!

This year, celebrate International Women's Day by Choosing to Challenge those in positions of power by holding them accountable. The Accountability on African SRHR Instruments Toolkit provides a ma...

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Featured Article

What's in the way of quality antenatal care for women in West and Central Africa

Comfort Z. Olorunsaiye, Arcadia University Globally, nearly 300,000 women die from pregnancy-related causes each year. Most of these deaths are in the low-income countries of sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The leading causes of maternal mortality include severe bleeding, hypertensive disorders, infection, unsafe abortion and embolism. There are also indirect causes such as HIV, malaria a...

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Challenging inequality and gender bias

Words by Margaret Sapazeka Girls and women suffer negative impacts of rigid gender norms and roles - they are more likely to experience restrictions of their freedom in many aspects. They expe...

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In The Media

We need to look beyond consent in discussions of sex and sexual violence

As a sexual violence researcher, one of the most important things I’ve learned about sexual violence, mostly from the feminist movement, is the importance of voluntary consent in all sexual interactions. This “second education” highlighted just how inadequate sex education in schools is. In my experiences of formal sex education, sexual pleasure was never discussed and I was never equipped w...

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