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Sex Rights Africa Network

A networking hub to share evidence and strengthen action to realise sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) for all in Southern Africa and globally.


We’d like to know what accountability structures you participate in. Tell us here!

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LGBTQ+ Grassroots Empowerment in Eastern Africa

Out Right has launched a crowdfunding program called Grassroots Empowerment, where business proposals from LGBT+ refugees are available for seed funding from the All Out community. Business proposals have been collected from LGBTQ+ refugees who have fled Uganda and other East African countries because of anti-gay laws, discrimination, intimidation and violence. Often LGBTQ+ refugees have to con...

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Double Tragedy: Being gay and living with HIV

  Written by : Agrippa Chalimba In a rural township, on the outskirts of the highly urbanized city of Lusaka, there is a community of people from various ethnic groupings living togethe...

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In The Media

Culture’s impact on menstrual health

Culture's impact on menstrual health Despite grappling with poverty that reduces their access to quality education, girls from Geita District in Tanzania are disheartened by social taboos that haunt their educational development and expose them to menstrual health problems. A 10-day survey conducted in the area revealed that girls and women from Sukuma and Kuria in Geita are not allowed to spea...

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