2nd Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SARSYC)

Making Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Real in Africa

13 July 2017

2nd Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SARSYC)

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The AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA), through its Sex Rights Africa Network (SRAN) programme, champions Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights-SRHR in the Southern African region. AFSA's SRHR team joins the University of Johannesburg and SAYWHAT at the 2nd Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SARSYC) taking place at UJ Soweto Campus.

Running under the theme, 'Building a business case for a solid future: Promoting Access to Youth SRH services and commodities', the conference will bring together progressive SRHR activists, duty bearers, researchers, students from across the region and the continent, community, civil society, private sector and government representatives, academics and other stakeholders who are invested in SRHR issues.

The 2nd edition Conference running from 13 to 16 July 2017, will address an array of issues such as stigma and discrimination, challenges faced by marginalised groups  (LGBTI+ people, women, people with disabilities, and people living with HIV), sex and sexuality issues, exploring opportunities and challenges for sexual and health programming in communities and institutions. The conference aims to unpack the influence of social drivers such as substance abuse, relationships, and Gender Based Violence on effective transformation of societies, amongst many other critical issues.

The strategic intent of the conference revolves around creating a space that seeks to articulate and develop a clear path to an attractive return on investing in young people and communities’ sexual and reproductive health rights issues, share knowledge and lessons from across the continent and re-ignite a collective voice that calls on SADC governments to domesticate SRHR regional commitments, ensure that such commitments are enshrined in country policies and effectively link to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

During this conference and beyond, AFSA will mobilise forces behind a solid, unifying agenda towards making Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights real. This process involves recognising the need to consolidate and share information, experience and training on SRHR across multiple levels through the use of a learning and knowledge sharing hub, www.sexrightsafrica.net. Emphasis is also placed around building stronger connections between SRHR activists, duty bearers, community based movements, and national, regional and continental decision making bodies, as well as the need to lobby and advocate the media to cover the many stories of SRHR work and progress made across the continent and around the world.

Through its commitment to investing in SRHR as one of the pathways to sustainable development, AFSA fully supports the rising momentum working towards the realisation of SRHR in Africa and around the world, stands in solidarity with those that are persecuted for who they are, and supports local transformative actions that aim to protect vulnerable communities against violence and discrimination.

For more information kindly contact:

ASFA SRAN SRHR Team, +27 31 277 2700, info@aids.org.za

The Sex Rights Africa Network brings together organisations and individuals working to realise Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) across Eastern and Southern Africa, and beyond. It is intended to complement, promote and strengthen existing networks and knowledge management platforms. It provides a meeting and referral point at the busy intersection of HIV and AIDS, health and well-being, and economic, social and cultural rights.