Accountability on African SRHR Instruments: Profiling Busiku Handema

Busiku Handema, Zambia

Empowered to Empower (ETE)

The 'Accountability on African SRHR Instruments' toolkit webinars, for me, seemed very helpful for Civil societies as well as society at large when it comes to accessing SRHR services. It clearly tells us how we can hold our government accountable at all levels. The Toolkit points out the populations struggling with accessing SRHR in Africa, which will help organisations easily recognize key populations they need to work with in any given community in Africa. Further, I see this toolkit as an eye opener to some of the commitments our governments have signed, as we can use to hold them accountability at global, international and community level.

About Busiku:

I work as a community activist to raise awareness on Gender equality, GBV, menstrual hygiene, and I help educate people on health issues and refer those who need medical attention to health providers.