Accountability on African SRHR Instruments: Profiling Chipiwa Mugabe

Chipiwa Mugabe, Zimbabwe

Space for marginalised Groups in Diversity in Zimbabwe Trust (SGDZT)

The webinars highlighted the importance of linking the UDHR and the African Charter, the Maputo plan of action and the national frameworks to ensure accountability in national responses that are responsive to the need of the people in their diversity.

From the webinars, I have learnt the importance of appreciating the most relevant global commitments on SRHR as well as their relevance to Africa and these include the ICPD beyond 2014, MPOA 2016-2030 and the SDG’s the strategy with which the region has approved as of November 2018 and the scorecard.

What you do where you work and what areas do you cover in relation to SRHR?

  • Advocating for sustainable Comprehensive Sexuality Education
  • Advocating for ASRH implementation and financing with set milestone and progress indicators.
  • Promoting Access to health without discrimination and restrictions for the LGBTIQ GC, PWD, Adolescent girls and young women.
  • Advocating for accountability frameworks for access to services, frameworks and legislation.