Accountability on African SRHR Instruments: Profiling Ephraim Chimwaza

Ephraim Chimwaza, Malawi
Centre for Social Concern and Development (CESOCODE)

The webinars on Accountability for African SRHR Instruments were good because they explained what African countries agreed to promote the rights of women on SRH and improve access to SRHR services. The toolkit helps Civil Society organizations to hold their government accountable to fulfil the obligations of the instruments they signed like the MAPUTO protocol and the Abuja declaration. The toolkit will benefit actors in the SRHR because it will help for advocacy with the government and other duty bearers.

About Ephraim:

I am a Programs Director, I do research, Planning, implementation, advocacy, Monitoring and Evaluation for all Sexual Reproductive Health Rights programs in our organization. The areas I cover are: ending child marriage, safe abortion, family planning, contraceptives and HIV and AIDS prevention.