‘Africa is healthy, sexy, equal, free’… when and how?

‘Africa is healthy, sexy, equal, free’… That’s the Sex Rights Africa Network slogan. What will it take to make it real?

Do young people in your country have the information, the care and support, the confidence and the protection they need to live safe, healthy lives and have fun and fulfilling relationships?

It seems there are lots of organisations all over the continent and around the world that see the importance of this. The SRA team at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in July 2018, met up with some of them. We found some cool resources and websites all about love, sex and relationships. You can find the links below. Let us know what you think. Are they useful? Do you need something different in your community? Do you have materials you can share? Would you like to work with SRAN members to develop more resources?

Love Matters is a global digital community in which young people can find ‘pleasure-positive’  information and advice to help them make decisions about their emotional, sexual and reproductive health. There are Love Matters networks in Kenya, in Egypt, in India, China and Mexico. Love Matters was started by an NGO in the Netherlands called RNW. It supports online communities through websites and social media, where you can find articles on anything from how our bodies work to dating and breaking up, orgasms, pregnancy and much more.

Love Matters also works with local and international partners to organise activities such as campaigns, concerts, art installations, video productions and research projects.

Undetectables is an intervention to support young people living with HIV to look after themselves, stick to their ARV treatment and stop HIV transmission.

The Undetectables are superheroes featured in graphic novels and other resources who lead the fight to provide HIV treatment and care and suppress viral load.

Click here to meet the Undetectables and find out how to become partners in the quest to live with an undetectable viral load.

U=U (Undetectable equals Untransmittable) is a campaign supporting treatment access and adherence to ensure that HIV-positive people cannot pass on the virus to their sexual partners. You can find out more here.