AIDSfonds Call for trainers: Gender Transformative approach & Meaningful Youth Participation

Call from AIDSfonds for trainers:


A number of consortia, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs are committed to strengthening the capacity of its partner organizations in the domain of SRHR. For instance Get Up Speak Out (GUSO) consortium. Capacity strengthening (CS) efforts are tied directly to the GUSO programme objective: “All young people, especially girls and young women, are empowered to realize their SRHR in societies that are positive towards young people’s sexuality”.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for two groups of 15 trainers, preferred from five African GUSO countries (Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi and Ghana).We are specifically looking for trainers who want to become specialists in the field of Gender Transformative Approach (GTA) or Meaningful Youth Participation/Youth Empowerment (MYP/YE).

Job description

The 15 selected trainers will receive a 5 day training of trainers on GTA or MYP/YE. After the training it’s expected that the trainers train and support the SRHR alliances and other organizations in implementing or integrating GTA and MYP/YE in their organizations or programmes.

It is furthermore expected of the trainers to contribute to content such as modules (off and online), tools and share experience/ best practices with each other but also with other interested partners/individuals.

Last but not least it’s expected that the trainers are able to do their own acquisition. The GUSO consortium is keen to support, promote and facilitate the pool of trainers but to creating a continuous market is the responsibility of the trainers themselves.

What’s in it for you?

Being part of a pool of trainers will give you an opportunity to:

  • Be part of an international community from which you can exchange and learn, create and further enhance your training skills;
  • Enable SRHR organizations around the world by training them to integrate GTA or MYP/YE in their programmes;
  • Develop a professional career as an international trainer;

What’s expected from you?

Being part of a pool of trainers we expect the following from you:

  • Commit yourself for at least two years to a trainers pool
  • After training you will conduct at least 3 training to partners
  • Time investment is approximately:
  • 2 days preparation for the training
  • 5 days training for GTA or MYP/YE
  • 3 days for delivering a training to partners
  • 2 days for preparation for this training
  • Contribute to the development of online/offline training programs
  • Share best practices and experiences

Content of training

Based upon the needs of our partners we’ve chosen GTA and MYP/YE as themes to focus to increase the capacity of trainers. Within these two themes there will be emphasis on facilitation skills.

Gender Transformative Approach

  • Understanding of the GTA (conceptually) and its link with GUSO and or other alliances like PITCH or Right Here Right Now.
  • Able to guide organizations in how gender transformative thinking and working can be integrated in comprehensive program approach (from individual, interpersonal, community, institution and state)
  • Contextualize a GTA toolkit with organizations in the SRHR field
  • Make action plans to take further the GTA in program implementation and M&E/OR
  • Gaining basic leadership skills, such as communicating, collaborating and listening
  • Facilitation skills
  • Business development

Meaningful youth participation/ Youth Empowerment

  • Gaining basic knowledge on principles of meaningful youth participation
  • Able to guide organizations in implementing MYP/YE and take a leading role in this
  • Inspire organizations on planning and organizing MYP/YE training
  • Gaining basic leadership skills, such as communicating, collaborating and listening
  • Facilitation skills
  • Business development

Who are you?


  • You have experience as trainer and facilitator in the field of SRHR;
  • You are creative and believe in the power of young people to make a change;
  • You live and work in one of the five countries: Uganda, Kenya, Malawi Ethiopia and Ghana and speak (some) of the local languages;
  • You are able to use different facilitating skills;
  • You are able to create a safe and open atmosphere for participants to share;
  • You can deliver a full training in English;
  • You are available and able to travel to other countries;
  • You will commit for at least two years to the trainers pool;
  • You will identify and openly discuss gender inequality and sensitive issues, like gender-based violence, safe abortion and sexual diversity;
  • You underscore the values and principles on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Rights;
  • GUSO objective targets young people, therefore applications of young people are gladly received.

How can you apply?

If you want to apply to be part of an international pool of trainers you need to take the following four steps:

  • Submit a letter of interest of your organization (if you work for an organization), explaining you are available to commit to the trainer pool and indicates which training are you willing to be part of (GTA or MYP/YE);
  • Make a short video (maximum of 5 minutes) in which you convince us why you should be chosen for this pool of trainers. Show us more about yourself, tell us about your experience as a trainer in your country and be creative! You can include testimonials from (young) people who liked your training style, or showcase your best talents and uniqueness. Make sure you mention which training you are motivated to be part of (GTA or MYP/YE);
  • Send a session plan in English that shows how would you design and deliver a session which tackles gender equality or focusses on MYP/YE;
  • A CV (2 pages maximum) with two references (listing organization, contact person, telephone number and e-mail address).

Selection process

Please send the video (through mail or WeTransfer) and the session plan (file name: Applicant name_country.doc) to w.visscher@rutgers.nlbefore 16 October. Selected candidates will be approached at 30 or 31 October.

Call for trainers GTA and MYP

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