Call for contributors for Edited Book - “Sexual & Reproductive health & Justice: Critical counter perspectives”

Dr Tracy Morison1,2 & Dr Jabulile Mavuso2
1 School of Psychology, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, Massey University
2 Critical Studies in Sexualities and Reproduction, Rhodes University, Makhanda, South Africa.

In this volume, the editors will aim to bring together critical empirical and conceptual work located within a (Sexual and) Reproductive Justice frame and expand the scope of scholarship:

  • beyond the dominant focus on the right to not reproduce (i.e., access to abortion and contraception);
  • beyond Euro-America, as the primary site of knowledge production on and context for understanding reproductive justice;
  • to include an explicit focus on sexual autonomy and sexual justice - what might sexual justice look like - (and its role in shaping reproductive (in)justice)

The editors invite submissions for a proposed chapter that take critical perspective, explicitly speaking to reproductive justice as a theory, movement, ideal, or practice. Contributions should focus on topics related to:

  • The core focal areas of the RJ movement:
    1. the right not to have a child, e.g. voluntary childlessness, abortion, contraceptive access
    2. the right to have a child, e.g., people of colour, teen parents, fat people, people with disabilities, people with illnesses (for example, HIV and mental health conditions), queer parents etc.
    3. the right to parent in safe and healthy environments, e.g., welfare cutbacks and family capping, removal of children from parents
  • Sexual autonomy and justice
    (e.g., queer sexualities, pleasure, sex work as work, and sexual violence)

Authors could critically and innovatively explore the following topics (but are not limited to these):

  • Perspectives/accounts of the sexual and reproductive lives of those living outside of the Euro-American mainstream – how might these add to or extend understandings of reproductive justice, knowledge production, and praxis?
  • Exclusions and inclusions within (mainstream/dominant) RJ scholarship and activism around who is considered a reproductive subject
  • How intersecting systemic oppression works to grant/deny reproductive justice
  • Social and/or state responsibility to ensure sexual and reproductive justice

The editors especially seek authors from marginalised geographical and/or social locations (e.g., outside Europe or America, black/brown/indigenous authors, sex- and gender-diverse/non-normative persons, persons with disabilities, scholar-activists etc.)

The editors also welcome and encourage submissions from within critical psychology (including social psychology, feminist psychology, critical health psychology, feminist health psychology, community psychology and other related sub-disciplines) that explore current and/or future applications of (sexual and) reproductive justice within critical psychology; critical psychology’s contribution to reproductive justice scholarship and activism; absences/silences in critical psychology with regard to reproductive justice.

To submit, please complete the form at by 30 April 2020.

Selected abstracts will be included in a full proposal to be submitted to an academic publisher. Authors will be invited to make a full submission upon the publisher’s acceptance of the book proposal. All full submissions will be peer reviewed and we cannot provide any guarantee of the acceptance of your manuscript to the book prior to the review process.


Milestones  Target date
Feedback on abstracts by 15 May 2020.
Completed proposal to publisher 30 May 2020
Chapters due 6 months from signing contract
Feedback to authors 9 months from signing contract
Revised and finalized chapters 12 months from signing contract

Please feel free to share this call or to write to ask about a proposed topic or any questions.
Tracy & Jabu
Dr Tracy Morison (
Dr Jabulile Mavuso (