Ceredev Africa is  calling on you to share your experiences with menstruation through the Happy Flow Diaries. This open call is an initiative to support the campaign and movement for Menstrual Health and Rights  and making Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights real without leaving anyone behind. Menstruation matters to everyone, otherwise we wouldn't be here! Yet it's clouded in myths & misconceptions including stigma and assault on the bodily integrity of persons who undergo this monthly experience especially young women and girls.

Why get involved

We need to collectively break the silence, raise awareness and challenge negative social norms around menstruation, and engage decision makers and gate keepers to catalyse action and put these rights  higher up the development agenda at global, national and local levels.


Here’s the challenge:

  • Capture your monthly moments by way of photographic images, Poetry fused with Photography, Poetry, short stories, Voices, Short Documentaries (1-2 mins)
  • Write or photograph what it means to bleed: when you first experienced your period; who you told and their reaction, what your grandmother says about menstruation during her time. For some girls and women, a period represents a more aligned spiritual connection, we would like to hear your view. While for others, it can be a place of violence, we would like you to share your experiences too. Men and boys can be part of the challenge to share what they understand and experience with menstruation. For example buying tampons or pads for your family members or willingly shared intimate stories about menstruation
  • Writing a love letter to yourself about your period.

We are looking for ideas and fresh perspectives to bleeding and we welcome all submissions. This call welcomes creative methods of delivery in relating or relaying experiences in the form of stories, photography narratives, visual arts, poetry, and film.


We are looking for stories, diaries, images, spiritual representations of what menstruation means to you. From your home to the market, school, church,  dance, bush, office and everywhere there is a girl or woman who is having their period, and this life changing experience is what we ask you to capture that in your lived reality anywhere on the African continent. This is your call Africa!


Your contributions should be submitted by 31 October, 2019.  Selected creatives will be published on Hedhi Africa platform,  and will form part of a publication on menstruation narratives in Africa. Some of the selected works will be used to promote the commemoration of Menstrual Hygiene Day in 2020 in various country chapters. An Exhibition, ‘Happy Flow Diaries-Africa’ will be launched in May 2020 and details of the launch will be shared in due course.

For country chapters please contact

For any other country chapter coordination interests please contact me on;

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