Choose To Challenge by holding those in power accountable!

This year, celebrate International Women's Day by Choosing to Challenge those in positions of power by holding them accountable.

The Accountability on African SRHR Instruments Toolkit provides a map on holding leaders to account for promises they have made to improve SRHR for all, and can help you to #ChooseToChallenge unfair or inadequate responses. The toolkit shows that "...a gap exists between the opportunities and resources available to men and boys and those available for women", and this has serious impacts on the life, health and futures of girls and women.

Holding leaders and decision makers to account is a pivotal aspect of challenging SRHR responses, especially where Women and Girls are concerned. Women and Girls form part of the groups of people being left behind in the HIV and SRHR response, and it is imperative that we #ChooseToChallenge this by holding leaders accountable.

Watch the videos and access the toolkit here or click on the picture below.

Image with five people of various ages sitting on a bench, smiling. Text says Gender Equality and the empowerment of women and girls is not possible without sexual and reproductive health and rights. Learn more about accountability on Gender Equality here: Image thereafter is Accountability International logo, AIDS Foundation of South Africa Logo, Sex Rights Africa Logo