Commemorating IDAHOTB Day

Today is International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. As convenors of the Sex Rights Africa Network, we asked AIDS Foundation of South Africa staff members to tell us why they feel it's important to commemorate IDAHOTB Day, and how they are combating Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia through the work that they do. We also asked SRAN Team members what their IDAHOTB Day slogans are - you can find their pictures below the videos.

Nompilo Mjwara - Sex Rights Africa Network Research Officer

Love has no gender!

#ExpectRespect #IDAHOT #IDAHOT2019 #IDAHOTB

Melusi Dlamini - Sex Rights Africa Network SRHR Training Officer

Challenge ignorance and bigotry. Let's celebrate diversity and make our spaces safe and accepting to all.

#ExpectRespect #IDAHOT #IDAHOT2019 #IDAHOTB

Abbey Hudson - Sex Rights Africa Network Web Platform Content Moderator

I love my girlfriend! #DealWithIt #PROUD

#ExpectRespect #IDAHOT #IDAHOT2019 #IDAHOTB

Marisa Craig - Sex Rights Africa Network Administrator

One love! Same love!

#ExpectRespect #IDAHOT #IDAHOT2019 #IDAHOTB

Rita Dlamini - General Assistant

We are all equal.

#ExpectRespect #IDAHOT #IDAHOT2019 #IDAHOTB

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