#EachforEqual on International Women's Day 2020!

The International Women's Day 2020 campaign theme is #EachforEqual, It is a call to use our individualism, our individual spaces and our individual choices for the good of the collective with equality as our goal.

Let's all be #EachforEqual.

The campaign doesn't stop at the end of IWD 2020! Reinforce and Amplify Equality all year round.

Patricia Kajumba

Securing an equal world means that transformation to well being is not just for a selected few. In all our diversities, i desire to see all women being limitless in their lives and communities. An equal world should portray values such as empathy, respect, selflessness and love for one another. This International Women's Day, we should be reminded to celebrate African women every day. This is because despite of all the injustices they are overly exposed to, they still remain strong and resilient. It is from this that i pick courage and inspiration to make a contribution in uplifting the status of the African woman. Happy International Women's Day 2020!


Mandi Piyasi

Without women the puzzle isn’t complete. Development cannot be sustainable if women are not included, they have the nurturing nature that assists in giving birth to new discourses that will benefit future generations. Therefore we want equal opportunities in land ownership, leadership and we want to own our bodies. We will not tire until we achieve #50/50 #ZimConstitution #Sec56


Assa Banda

I envision a generation of men who understand that the dismantling of patriarchy is not the job of a feminist but will require consolidated effort as it's the only way to address gender disparities and end all forms of abuse and discrimination against women and girls

I envision a generation of women leaders who are unafraid to take up space and propagate the paradigm shift from a male dominated society to one where both male and female can exist equally.

I am generation equality!


Afia Precious Simpande

I am generation equality. We are powerful. We are equal. We demand equal employment opportunities for adolescent girls and young woman too!

We are Powerful. We are Courageous and brave. We are equal. We deserve respect and love. We can make sound decisions. We can contribute to economic development. We have big dreams and aspirations too. We are united. We are beautiful .We demand equal employment opportunities. We want to be heard. We deserve to be appreciated. We are women!


Anusha Rawoah


This world would mean nothing without them.

Let’s celebrate their endless power today.

Let us all make a pledge to end bias, discrimination, and violence against our women.

Together we can...

All it takes is a concerted effort towards treating women with dignity. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to create a gender equal world.

Let us celebrate our muses and remind them how wonderful they are, not only on Women’s Day but every day.