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March is International Women’s Month. The media will be awash with messages of affirmation and respect from politicians and personalities. Girls in Zimbabwe have their own message - for the new President of the country no less. The girls have said ‘We know many events are scheduled to celebrate womanhood. However, apart from being celebrated, we have practical needs'. Among these needs is decent sanitary wear.

Sanitary pads and tampons are not luxury goods. They are necessities. Menstruation is not a choice; abstinence from periods is not an option. Girls and women need free sanitary wear now. It’s a matter of equality, of dignity, of full participation in society.

Girls in Zimbabwe are sending this message to the political leadership - and anyone who supports equality and dignity can add their voices by signing the petition created by Katswe Sistahood and Pepeta Africa.

If you are campaigning for free sanitary wear in any country and you want to promote a petition or campaign, or link up with others, send information and photos to abbeyhudson@aids.org.za, in a message on Facebook, or a DM on Twitter to share with the Sex Rights Africa Network.