Focus on young adolescents

The Population Council is hosting a webinar to present research findings and recommendations on the needs of very young adolescents (age 10-14 years).

In advance of Women Deliver 2016, the webinar provides and opportunity for a conversation with the authors of a new resource and action plan calling for greater investment in very young adolescents: Investing When it Counts: Reviewing the evidence and charting a course of research and action for very young adolescents.

Early adolescence (10 - 14) is a pivotal time period for girls and boys around the world. Lifelong behaviors are established, beliefs and attitudes are shaped, and the foundation is laid for adulthood.

While the global development community has begun to recognize the needs and opportunities of this age group, we still do not know nearly enough about the lives of very young adolescents to set up the right programs to keep them healthy and well.

This webinar will present findings and recommendations from Investing When it Counts, which spotlights the distinctive needs of very young adolescents, reviews available data and remaining gaps, and calls for future research and action.

Join us May 9 for a webinar

11:00am - 12:00pm EDT

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Population Council speakers include:

Martha Brady, 
Senior Associate

Kelly Hallman, 
Senior Associate

Katharine McCarthy, Research & Fellowship Coordinator