Happy Flow Monday Challenge: Enter the quiz and win!

Enter the quiz and win!

Do you know what menstrual health means and why menstrual health rights should matter to everyone? Then enter the Happy Flow Africa quiz and win some great prizes!

Menstrual hygiene is a basic human right.

Happy Flow Africa is a new app to promote menstrual health rights.

To launch the app and mobilise support for International Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28 May, we bring you the Happy Flow Africa quiz.

You can enter this free, cellphone-based team quiz here and stand to win airtime and other great prizes! If you reach the quarter finals, you will have a chance to come to Johannesburg for the live finals of the Happy Flow Challenge.

The app will show you how to enter but these are the rules:

  • The quiz is open to schools, universities, organisations, friends – anyone who wants to form a team.
  • Individuals can “create a team”or “join a team”.
  • Teams comprise 4 people – at least one must identify as male.
  • Each team must post a group photo to the Happy Flow Monday Challenge, with a motivational message for 28 May.
  • Each individual or team member must sign the online petition for free sanitary wear in Africa.

Menstruation is not a choice. No one can abstain from periods. Find out more here

The Happy Flow Africa app was created by Gateway Health Institute, with the AIDS Foundation of South Africa and Katswe Sistahood. The quiz was developed by members of the African Coalition on Menstrual Health Management.