#HappyFlow Monday Challenge

Several Movement Builders have committed to wearing their Equality Dignity Period T-Shirts to advocate for #FreeSanitaryWear for our Happy Flow Monday challenge.

If you have an Equality Dignity Period T-Shirt, you can wear it on a Monday and send us a picture via our whatsapp platform or by using the submission on the site, and we will add you to our gallery.
If you don't have an Equality Dignity Period T-Shirt, you can wear a black shirt and take a picture of yourself holding a simple piece of paper with #FreeSanitaryWearInAfrica and #ExpectRespect written on it. Send it to us via our whatsapp platform, or via this upload link.

HRH Princess Sekhothali Seeiso:

HAPPY FLOW MONDAY 🧚🏽‍♀️ No female should have to resort to pregnancy because they can not afford PADS.
Having a period should not feel like a sin.
Stigma around menstruation is a violation to human rights, mainly the right to human dignity.
Let’s join hands girls and boys and follow @sexrightsafricanetwork to sign the petition to get free sanitary wear in Africa.

I’ve signed 💃🏽 Let’s work towards a Healthy, Sexy, Equal, Free Africa.

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Cameron Kakande:

#HappyFlowMonday #ExpectRespect #EqualityDignityPeriod #Free_SanitaryWearInAfrica  Towards a Healthy, Sexy, Equal, Free Africa  Support the campaign for menstrual health as a basic sexual and reproductive health right.

Tinashe Nyoni:

For it to be NOW, it requires collective advocacy from YOU and I. #ExpectRespect #HappyFlow

Urvashi Appiah and Afia Precious Simpande:

Zambia and Mauritius joining hands to support the Happy Flow Campaign.  Menstruation is not a choice and menstrual hygiene is a must! For a healthy, sexy, equal and free Africa! #EqualityDignityPeriod #ExpectRespect

Patricia Kajumba:

For a Healthy Africa, Menstrual Health should be prioritised too. Sanitary wear should be available and accessible like any other heath need. #HappyFlowMonday #EqualityDignityPeriod! #ExpectRespect

Busiku Handema:

Just like nature periods  are natural  so expect respect   for an equal dignity period even more reason for them to be accessed  everywhere...Happy flow campaign 😊

Armel Azihar:

We need an Africa where  girls will be free to experience their periods with dignity and be able to attend school, fight against stigma and discrimination. #ExpectRespect #MyHealthFirst

Joseph Njowa:

As a young man who is part of a family and a community I have a key role with regards to menstrual Health. Young boys and men should support their fellow young girls and women during menstruation. Everyone is a product of the ability to Menstruate and Menstruation symbolizes the power of a woman which is to give life hence Menstruation should be celebrated through creating an enabling environment for a Happy Menstrual Flow . #ExpectRespect

Anusha Rawoah:

FREE SANITARY WEAR FOR AFRICA - Not a matter of privilege, but a right!

Rugare Shalom Zimunya:

Happy Monday, Happy Flow. Menstruation is a part of a girls life, period. Let's continue to advocate for Free Sanitary Wear In Africa.

Sharon Nyoni:

Sanitary Wear should be treated as a need by our governments. It is high time we have sanitary wear for free in Africa!

Thuthukile Mbatha:

Restore dignity to young girls and women!!! No girl should suffer the shame of using toilet paper, cloth or cow dung in this day and age. The constitution guarantees everyone dignity, how is that right going to be realized without keeping girls in schools through providing free eco-friendly sanitary pads? #freesanitarywearinafrica #happyflow=happygirls

Thabisani Ncube:

If not now, then when? Free sanitary wear for everyone who needs it is neither a privilege nor a luxury. It's a necessity! #EqualityDignityPeriod! #ExpectRespect!