#HappyFlow Monday: #MenAsAllies - MHM lockdown lessons

During this time, men need to be allies to those who menstruate! We asked some of our MHM allies what they felt was an important lesson to share with other men regarding MHM during lockdown.

Wankumbu Simukonda

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Friends

Remember that Menstruation is not optional and its every month.

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, everyone is at home with restricted movement so there is a need to openly talk about Menstruation in homes.

We should all know and appreciate the importance of hygiene for those who menstruate.

This period presents a challenge in terms of sanitary towel provision in homes where people have been laid off and/or unable to go out to buy re-usable sanitary towels.

Thabisani Ncube

Periods are not under lockdown!

Sanitary wear for everyone who needs it is an essential commodity during this crisis period and if we can manage to make reusable masks, I'm sure we can also make reusable sanitary wear for the most vulnerable and genuinely show solidarity that #weareinthistogether!