#HappyFlow Monday: Menstrual Stigma is still rife in some communities - how can we ensure we put an end to it?

We asked network members the following question:

Menstrual Stigma is still rife in some communities - how can we ensure we put an end to it?

Members from across the continent responded - check out what they had to say below.

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Toolsika Rawoah - Mauritius

Menstruation forms part of any healthy woman’s life. Yet, menstrual stigma is still embedded in some communities. One progressive step towards ending this is to challenge what people still perceive as taboo through conversations. People should be aware of how not normalizing periods can affect any woman mentally and physically. Women do NOT deserve to be in constant fear for being judged on what is simply natural. Being supportive is a prominent way to start. We should all stand together to stop shaming people for this God-given gift.

Martin Magombo - Malawi

Menstrual stigma needs to be put to an end now! Gatekeepers must be at the forefront - sensitizing their subjects to understand that menstruation is a part of human growth and needs to be understood as a normal process of a human being. It has nothing to do with societal misfortunes as people may believe.

Rutendo Maunze - Zimbabwe

Menstrual stigma is serious but is ignored and overlooked in communities.There is shame and misinformation surrounding the issue. It is up to you and me to throw away such negativity.

Providing knowledge and education not only for women and young girls but also taking men and young boys on board as partners to fight the stigma#leave noone behind

Finances to be set aside for edutainment, social arts community theaters#opening up conversations#parents and guardians to ensure menstruation is comfortable and normalized.

Peter Chola Mwanalesa - Zambia

It is high time we  intensify sensitisation on Menstruation and ensure that all the Adolescent Girls and Young Women are empowered and have all the knowledge and menstrual products.

Furthermore we  need to enculcate positive mind set in the communities in regards to menstrual hygiene management.

Patricia Humura - Uganda

It is important that we ask our various community leaders to commit to raise their voices in ending menstrual stigma and be held accountable to the commitment . We are tired of some leaders who always say they are creating change without evidence,we need it NOW.

Nyararai Magudu - Mozambique

Menstruations is biological. Its nature and is God given. It must never be seen or regarded as unclean, dirty or otherwise. There is need for more Comprehensive Sexual Education, to transform the system, norms and attitudes. We need a Global-Shift in cultures and start respect, enjoy and celebrate and fight and eliminate discrimination, shame and stigma!

Glory Chagama - Tanzania

Menstruation is a normal and healthy part of life for all women, yet menstruation is stigmatized around the world. Information and knowledge is key. Stigma, taboos and myths prevent adolescent girls and boys from the opportunity to learn about Menstruation.

Let's create a world where every girl can learn, play and safely guide her own health without experiencing stress, shame or unnecessary barriers to information or supplies during menstruation.

#Expectrespect #informationiskey #everygirlsright #menstruationmatters