#HappyFlow Monday: Use the COVID-19 lockdowns to speak to your children about sex

Various countries remain under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning that many school-going children are likely to be at home. This time could be used effectively to educate them on SRHR issues and to assist them with connecting the dots to become active advocates for an Africa which educates young people on health, sex, equality and freedom. Help them to be part of an Africa that is Healthy, Sexy, Equal and Free!

John Otieno

This challenging period of Covid-19 shutdowns presents us with a window of opportunity for parents and children to sit down and kindle a conversation on human sexuality. The idea that some communities and/or families consider 'sex talk' a taboo subject should be rethought.

Human sexuality is dynamic and diverse in its expression and having an open-door policy where parents and children can discuss anything related to sex and sexuality will go a long way in correcting some [un]foreseeable mistakes— mistakes that we previously excused past generations for committing.

With schools closed and children at home for a long stretch of time and with no routine engagement as would have been the case in school, and perhaps with little or no adult supervision, quite a good number are bound to err.

Parents, talk to your children about sex. It is healthy.