#HappyFlow Monday: What has the pandemic highlighted in terms of MHM?

During this time of coronavirus, we have seen areas of need and gaps in service provision where Menstrual Health Management is concerned.

We asked what the most glaring ones were:

Natasha Seketa

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries may be on lockdown but periods never go on lockdown. During this pandemic the lack of proper access to clean water and sanitation in most African households and communities at large has not gone unnoticed. Access to clean water and sanitation is not only essential in combating COVID-19 but is highly essential in proper menstrual health management amongst girls and women.
Therefore, it is a call to action to governments and other stakeholders that the efforts being made to ensure communities have access to clean water and sanitation should go beyond the COVID-19 pandemic but be made priority so as to safeguard the health, dignity and well-being of girls and women.
May our approach to Menstrual Hygiene Day which falls on May 28th be more than just a sanitation matter but one that sees menstrual health management promotion as a way of safeguarding the overall life opportunities of women and girls.