#Happyflow: Profiling Menstrual Health Management Champions - Armel Sylva

Armel Sylva is a young woman from the Comoros Islands, and is passionate about youth education and the development of children and youth. She has a track record in youth engagement and media communications. Armel is a committed soccer player in the Women’s League of Soccer in Comoros and serves as Youth Ambassador for the UNFPA Comoros. She is a senior student in English literature. She envisions an Africa that empowers its youth into leadership and responds to the needs of its people. Armel works with the NGO IMARA (I'M A Rad African) where the crossroads of STEM, Arts, and Leadership meet. Their vision is a Comoros led by a youth that not only understands global and local challenges but has a combination of both the hard and soft skills required to innovate and participate in building a better present for themselves in order to create a promising future for the world.
She is the key educator, lead of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program and media consultant of the NGO.
Armel is the founder of a local chapter of SAYOF which is an organization that supports young people in the SADC region who seek to play a role in regional processes. She works with Sex Rights Africa Network  in advocating for the rights of women, children and girls to ensure that nations and communities deliver a political commitment towards sexual reproductive health and gender equality in Africa. Armel has been the driving force of the HappyFlow campaign in the Comoros Islands.