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Sex Rights Africa Network member Kajumba Patricia is championing menstrual hygiene management advocacy in marginalized communities in Uganda


After carrying out some research, she realized that 70% of the young girls (aged 13-18 years) in her community raised a lot of issues concerning menstruation. Many of the girls miss school during their periods, and they aren't prepared to handle their periods because menstruation is seldom discussed in the community. They barely understand what menstruation really is, but above all they lack adequate facilities to take them through their periods happily.

She therefore took it upon herself to launch a campaign in her community. Stop the whisper, #LetsTalkPeriods is a campaign she is running in partnership with Akina Mama wa Afrika. This campaign aims to fight menstrual stigma and promote menstrual hygiene in her community.


The campaign also focuses on ensuring that young girls are protected against SGBV and are supported to keep in school despite the onset of menstruation in their lives.

She is calling upon her community and Africa as a whole saying 'TWEKONYERE' (let's help each other) to fight this vice of Menstrual Stigma and ensure that menstruation is

something that young girls celebrate and feel proud of.

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