IMARA holds first ever Educational Fair in Comoros

Sex Rights Africa Network Member Armel Azihar, with IMARA (I’m A Rad African) Comoros participated in IMARA’s first Educational Fair in the country. The fair covered many aspects of education and afforded children and representatives of IMARA to present on the activities which the NGO undertakes, including education on menstrual hygiene and sexual and reproductive health rights.

An NGO in Madagascar donated 300 reusable sanitary pads, which were used to teach women and girls in Comoros about menstrual hygiene and SRHR.

Armel says that back in September 2018, IMARA “had a workshop on SRHR in a remote village on the second island of Comoros, and the girls didn't even know about the existence of Menstrual Hygiene pads, and so didn't know how to use them.” IMARA contributed 100 reusable pads and 100 pairs of panties to these girls in the community, as most would stay at home during their period because of a lack of menstrual hygiene management products.

SRHR still a taboo in Comoros, and as such, many young people do not have adequate access to information or knowledge sharing around SRHR issues, issues surrounding menstruation, etc.

IMARA Comoros aims to educate people beyond the boundaries of school.

For more information on the status of SRHR in Comoros, see our map, and the interactive UNFPA data here.