Invitation: Gender Affirming Healthcare Training for Health Professionals

15-16 September 2018

Venue: TBC, Johannesburg


Gender DynamiX hereby invites interested health professionals to a Gender Affirming Healthcare training workshop in Johannesburg, Gauteng on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September 2018.

Transgender persons experience multiple barriers to accessing health and healthcare services, including discrimination based on gender identity, gender expression, bodily characteristics and sexual orientation. A general lack of awareness, knowledge and sensitivity in healthcare communities leads to inadequate access to, under-utilisation of, and disparities within the healthcare system for the transgender population. Barriers to care are encountered by transgender and gender-diverse persons when seeking preventive medicine, routine and emergency care, as well as gender-affirming mental healthcare, hormone therapy and surgery.

The Gender Affirming Healthcare Training for Health Professionals aims to train and build a network of professionals active in transgender healthcare. The workshop is structured around peer-to-peer training sessions focused on awareness-raising and the sensitising of service providers to the needs of transgender and gender-diverse persons accessing healthcare.

The organisers have applied for CPD accreditation.

To register for the training, please complete the Application Form and email it before 31 August 2018 to