Let’s talk about sex!

Well that’s easier said than done, so to speak. Sometimes there are more questions than answers. For a start, talk to whom? Who can you trust? Who has accurate information? Who can you talk to without feeling embarrassed? Who will answer your questions without judging you? Some of us are fortunate to have a parent or other relative, a teacher or a health worker to turn to when we need simple facts and objective advice. Many others rely on the rumour mill, churning out half truths, myths and warnings that fill us with fear and shame.

So the SRA team was thrilled to discover a series of videos created by the Higher Education and Training HIV/AIDS programme – HEAIDS –  in collaboration with their resident sex educator, Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng.

In these videos, Dr Tlaleng answers questions around student sex and sexuality, as well as addressing some of those difficult topics where the lines can be a bit blurred, such as consent.

You can click on the links below to view the videos.

The basics of HIV

Your Best Life with HIV

Know Your Contraception

The Female Period Explained

Chronic Illness, Disability & Sex

ABC of Female & Male Condoms

Safe Oral Sex

Vaginal Care – the Dos and Don’ts

How to Report Sexual Assault & What to Expect

Consent... No Blurred Lines

If you have other questions about sex and sexuality, or if you know of other resources on this topic that you think would be useful to young people in the region, please share them using this form