Make Unsafe Abortion History this International Safe Abortion Day

Today, 28 September, marks International Safe Abortion Day - a day to advocate for the right to safe and accessible abortion for all people.

The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) estimates that there are 121 million unintended pregnancies each year. This high number of unintended pregnancies is a result of several reproductive health injustices, among them a lack of access to safe and legal abortion.

FIGO estimates that up to 45% of all abortions around the world are unsafe, and this accounts for around 13% of global maternal mortality (accounting for around 47000 deaths).

Unsafe abortion is incredibly risky, and often comes about as a result of barriers to safe abortion. These barriers may present themselves in the form of restrictive laws, limited clinics offering services, gatekeepers, poor service quality, lack of information about TOP, restrictions on implementation times, false or misleading information, and societal attitudes.

This International Safe Abortion Day, take the time to ensure that unsafe abortion is a thing of the past by joining the call to #MakeUnsafeAbortionHistory.

Feel free to download the images below to share on social media or within your networks with the hashtags #MakeUnsafeAbortionHistory and #ExpectRespect