Menstrual Hygiene Day theme - It's time for action!

From MHDay newsletter:

Over the past few years, we have collectively made great progress to break the silence around periods. Menstruation has been featured in mainstream media around the world, and most recently, a film about periods even won an Oscar. But that doesn't mean that the job is done. For #MHDay2019 we will continue our efforts to raise awareness and overcome negative social norms.

To ensure that there are #NoMoreLimits for women and girls because of their periods, it is time for more concrete action. Action can come in all shape and sizes: from a government investing in MHM programming or scrapping taxes, to a non-profit educating school girls and others donating menstrual supplies.
Therefore the theme for #MHDay2019 is “It’s time for action” with a special focus on action in the critical area of MHM education.

Sign the petition for free Menstrual Hygiene products for all who need them!

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