#HappyFlow Monday

Menstrual Hygiene Monday had our Network members dressed in their finest - their Equality Dignity Period shirts, of course!

Every Monday is Menstrual Hygiene Monday - wear your favourite Menstrual Hygiene related shirt, or write out a short message on a piece of paper, take a selfie and send it to us on our WhatsApp groups, or by using this form, and you could be featured in the week's gallery!

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Thabisani Ncube - Menstruation stigma is a violation of human rights including the right to dignity. It starts with you & ends with you! Period!! #HappyFlowMonday #ExpectRespect
Audrey Chabveka - Raise awareness about the rights of people with disabilities and the MHM needs for girls and women with disabilities. There should be access to relevant information be it in the form of tactical tools or more audio-visual materials with sign language. Disability should be considered in the design, implementation, monitoring & evaluation of any intervention. #HappyFlowCampaign #ExpectRespect #Equality #Dignity #Period
Cameron Kakande - We can’t sit down and be silent about #MenstrualHealth. Our mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Cousins and Children go through it every Month. Something must be done and it must be done now. This is an effort between life and Healthy Dignity for our sisters and women. #RaiseYourVoice for Free Sanitary Wear in Africa. It’s very OKAY and normal for women to be on #Periods No one has died from it Yet- I guess  #HappyFlowMonday #HappyFlowCampaign #ExpectRespect #Equality #Dignity #Period #OGERA_Uganda #MenOfTheNightUganda