Menstruation with dignity for 1000 Ugandan Girls

The  Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum (UYAHF) has launched a project to procure equipment and materials, and train 3 young women to produce reusable sanitary pads that will be distributed free to 1000 school girls from Isingiro district in Uganda, so they are able to stay at school during their periods.

Importantly, the project will also support 5 schools in Isingiro with water tanks to help them store the water they need for washing the pads.

Teachers and students will be equipped with information on addressing barriers, stigma and silence around menstruation and boys will be empowered to support girls during their periods.

According to UNICEF (2015), 1 in 10 school girls in Uganda skips school or drops out due to lack of sanitary wear and poor sanitation. This jeopardises their right to education and increases their risk of an early pregnancy.

UYAHF has been accepted for the March 2018 Global Giving Accelerator crowd funding campaign, to help raise funds for work to promote the rights of women and girls in Uganda. In order to secure a permanent spot with Global Giving, UYAHF needs to raise $5000 from at least 40 donors by 30 March. If you can afford to contribute any amount to the campaign, you can access the donation page here. If you can’t donate, you can still promote the project Menstruation with dignity for 1000 Ugandan Girls.

If you know of other projects or organisations that need - or can offer - support to make menstrual hygiene rights real for girls and women in Africa, share the details with Sex Rights Africa and we will promote the campaign with members of the SRA Network. Equality. Dignity. Period.