One Week To Go until the ACSHR Youth Pre-Conference

One week to go until you ACSHR Youth pre-conference kicks off in Nairobi, Kenya. It will run from 10-11 February 2020 at the Kenyatta International Conference Center. Register here.

The Youth Pre-Conference of the 9th ACSHR is aimed at creating a space for young people from across Africa to gather together, for dialogue and agenda shaping to enable them speak with one voice regarding the specific issues affecting them. The theme of the pre-conference will be similar to that of the main conference themes: “Accountability; voices; breaking the cycle; leave no one behind; innovation and technology”.
The pre-conference will therefore work to harvest and leverage on the experiences, knowledge and innovation based on the theme and thereafter enable the development of a youth position paper to be delivered in the main conference. The pre-conference will further create a dialogue between the youth and policy and decision makers including Government Officials and representatives from RECs, AU and the UN. The pre-conference will therefore seek to achieve the following results.
  1. Build the capacity of young people for high level policy discussions that will be held at the main conference and beyond.
  2. Develop a collective voice among young people that is then presented at the main conference.
  3. Create a space for networking and relationship building.

The main conference begins on 12 February 2020 at the same venue. Register here!