Randomized trial demonstrates impact of HIV “test-and-treat” strategy

Data from SEARCH, a community-cluster randomized study in Uganda and Kenya, showed that enhanced testing and care initiatives for HIV and other diseases can result in significantly higher viral suppression and lower HIV mortality.

Communities in the study control group received testing and care for HIV-related hypertension and diabetes based on national guidelines. Communities in the intervention group received enhanced testing and care for the three diseases, including rapid-start treatment for all people living with HIV. After three years, communities receiving enhanced testing and care experienced higher viral suppression and lower HIV mortality, TB incidence and uncontrolled hypertension.

Presenting the data, Diane Havlir of the University of California San Francisco concluded that a multi-disease approach using streamlined care can rapidly achieve UNAIDS targets for HIV treatment and improve community health. [Summary based on submitted abstract; updated data may be presented on site.]

Abstract: SEARCH community cluster randomized study of HIV “test and treat” using multi- disease approach and streamlined care in rural Uganda and Kenya

Session: AIDS 2018 Co-chairs’ Choice (Hall 12, Wednesday, 25 July, 11:00-12:30)