Reflecting on the Movement Building Forum

The Sex Rights Africa Network asked Movement Builders who attended the SRHR Movement Building Forum held from 10 - 12 December 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa, to reflect on their time at the Forum. Here are some excerpts from their full reflections.

The Movement Building Forum covered issues including ending child marriages; securing menstrual health rights; adolescent and youth SRHR; gender equality; women's rights; ending GBV; LGBTQIA+ rights; students and SRHR; SRHR policy, law and practice un/safe abortion; technology and SRHR; the SDGs and SRHR; contraception and family planning; and FGM.

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The Movement Building Forum was a great opportunity for the Sub Regional Hub for the following reasons. We were able to present more than 6,000 petitions which were secured in the Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. I was provided with a platform to share the journey we took in securing the petitions and I was able to tell the stories behind the petition. It was also a great moment for us to launch the petition alongside high profile dignitaries which was a great honor for the Sub Regional Hub. The issue is now to keep the fire burning as we work to collect more signatures.

Nyararai Magudu

The movement building forum on SRHR was very interesting just from the preparation we were told to expect respect and that is what we got. To begin with getting people to sign the petition on “free sanitary wear in Africa” the response was great from my community everyone I approached said it is a good idea.

Busiku Handema

The forum was exciting, resourceful and fun with a warm grand opening by Just 6 band. I learnt of different strategies in SRHR programming relevant to my country work and career at large.

Eric Muzyamba

Attending the “Building the Movement” Forum 10-12th of December certainly was a fruitful learning experience. I was happy to meet participants from all across Africa with expertise and experiences in the challenging issues that were discussed throughout the Forum.

Mariette Haegglund

The Sex Rights Africa Network movement building forum held in December 2018 was a platform that connected brilliant minds from Africa, where representatives of various organizations and communities came together to strengthen the sexual reproductive health and rights movements across Africa. Delegates stood in solidary with sexual reproductive health and rights heroes, networked and built relationships that still stand today.

Spiwe Dongo

I found myself overwhelmed by the willing organizations and individuals at the forum with whom I conversed with and formed relationships that will lead to productive change this year and the years to come"

Jessica Mandanda

The diversity in the representation embodied the face of the continent; young men and women, sexual and gender minorities, religious based organizations, persons living with disabilities, policy makers and opinion leaders, students and artists all gathering to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Robert Aseda Ouko

The happy flow campaign is pertinent and it’s a powerful way of keeping the girl child in school especially in rural areas and the urban poor. We anticipate that our countries will realize the need to implement free sanitary wear.

Alice Mashinge