As Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe and countries implement shutdowns, why not use this time to broaden your SRHR knowledge by taking our online courses? They're aimed at trainers and SRHR practitioners anywhere in the world.

Trainers Lab gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and capacity in various areas related to SRHR/HIV, through e-learning. This platform provides training content for trainers at all levels.

Trainers Lab envisions a society in which all young people, especially girls and young women, are able to realise their sexual and reproductive health and rights - a society which has a positive attitude towards young people's sexuality.

Covid-19 has cemented the need for online learning across the globe. Every sector is being disrupted and is changing. Those that succeed will be the continuous learners – while there exists a digital divide, we need to prepare for a future digital world, starting now! Global technological advances will disrupt traditional SRHR advocacy and present new ways of thinking and opportunities – so take advantage of Trainers Lab platform and get a head start.

Trainers Lab also presents an opportunity to maintain networks, be well connected and connect people – they say your net worth is your network!

Visit Trainers Lab today at www.trainerslab.net.