URGENT: Last request for signatures of senior gynaecologists in Africa to support Kenyan affidavit in court

Please download the letter here, sign and email it to Esther Waweru at: ewaweru@reprorights.org

As you may be aware, the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) filed a case before the High Court in Kenya challenging the withdrawal of the standards and guidelines on abortion as well as a memo directing all medical professionals not to participate on any training on abortion.

As part of the in-court legal strategy, CRR will be filling an affidavit sworn by Prof. Karanja  to complement the earlier one sworn by Prof. Mati and already filed in court.

To bolster their health arguments in court and in response to affidavits sworn by opposition doctors such as Dr Wahome Ngare and Dr Steven Karanja, CRR has crafted a letter that they are requesting renown African gynaecologists to sign onto which they will file in court as an annex to Prof. Karanja’s affidavit. The intention is to demonstrate to the court that this action by the Ministry is retrogressive and harmful, and that the opinion expressed in the attached letter is one that has the support of various experts in the obs-gynae field of medicine across the continent.

CRR requests that you kindly reach out to your network of gynaecologists and help them identify influential people who may sign this letter. For those who agree with the contents of the letter and are willing to sign, we request that they kindly get in touch with us and indicate their willingness to do so and provide their preferred title and a scan of their electronic signature (e-signature) which will be appended to the letter together with that of other experts who agree to sign on. If you are unable to send a scanned signature, simply send an email confirming you agree with the contents of the letter and giving your full name, title, position, country.

Owing to the urgency of this case, CRR kindly requests that those willing to sign on send their feedback to Esther Waweru at: ewaweru@reprorights.org  if possible by 20 September 2016.  Please feel free to reach out to Esther if you have any questions.

Anyone signing, please include your title, position, hospital, country with your signature and email these directly to Esther Waweru.

Please also copy this text (including the document) and email to appropriate colleagues/networks who support safe abortion.