Be a Voice of the My Body My Choice Campaign

The My Body, My Choice Campaign is an online campaign which was officially launched on the 10th of September 2018. The main aim of the campaign is to break the silence around abortion by bringing together key audiences and promoting conversations around comprehensive SRHR including abortion.

The campaign is currently in its second phase where it will incorporate both Offline and Ground Events to its already visible Online reach.

Organisers of the campaign are looking for about 10 participants for Youth Month to apply to be part of the “Voices” of the campaign. These can be girls, boys, young men and women from ages 15 – 24, who are in high school, college, varsity or out of school.

Participants will be invited to share on the following story categories and prompts:

  • My visit to an unsafe provider
  • I didn’t know that
  • I got an abortion, and it’s okay

The content will be shared in the form of videos (participants can choose if they would like to hide their identity), written text (quotes, stories and social media posts), drawings, paintings, and any other mediums that an individual may choose in order to express themselves.

Interested participants can send an email to The deadline is 17 April 2019.