Nyararai Magudu reflects on the Movement Building Forum

The Forum Building Movement was a great opportunity for the Sub Regional Hub for the following reasons. We were able to present more than 6,000 petitions were secured in the Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. I was provided with a platform to share the journey we took in securing the petitions and I was able to tell the stories behind the petition. It was also a great moment for us to launch the petition alongside high profile dignitaries which was a great honor for the Sub Regional Hub. The issue is now to keep the fire burning as we work to collect more signatures.

The Forum Building was yet another opportunity to connect, reconnect and share and identify common ground for advancing the SRHR in the 22 countries supported by SRAN. Some of the key outcomes of the forum for the Sub Regional Hub were the inclusion of South Africa and Tanzania as new countries to join the Sub Hub. This is very exciting and I look very much forwards to great work ahead as both countries have a lot to offer and to receive from the Sub Region.   In addition to inclusion of two countries, I was able to invite other organizations to join the movement. These organizations are youth led and they will add value to our work in the sub region.

Furthermore I was able to make strategic meetings with key institutions and organizations these are Gateway Health Institute, Wits University, Terra dos Homens, Hivos among others. One of the key outcomes of these meetings is possibility of doing joint research at the intersection of Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia. We will be working in early January to materialize this. Both Wits and Gateway are excited of the opportunity. This was shared with SRAN and there is excitement of doing this needs assessment study.

I had an opportunity to meet with SRAN management team (Moeti and Deborah) alongside with Tambu the new Country Focal person for SA under the Sub Regional Hub. I took the opportunity to tank SRAN for supporting the Hub and for affording the opportunity to meet in Malawi and develop an Sub Regional advocacy agenda. In addition, the Sub Regional Hub did well to reap the results of mobilizing the petition in a short period of time and thanks to Simba, Stephen, Larissa and Miguel and their teams for mobilizing so many petitions. The struggle continues as we work towards 28 May which is the International Day for Menstruation.

Last but not least, I was able to facilitate a breakaway session on different models of providing SRHR using the One Stop service delivery. The session was attended by people from different countries like Angola, Mozambique, SA, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Comoros to mention a few. Key outcomes of the session was that One stop is a great event that help to deliver multiple services in a layered fashion and a coordinated way.

Thank you SRAN for believing in the Sub Regional Hub together we are bound for great success.

Nyararai Magudu

Sub Regional Hub Convener