Safe abortion: "One should have a child only when there is a guarantee of a better life for such child..."

Words by A Sex Rights Africa Network Member from Lesotho.

Is there any other way to ever discuss topics like Abortion with clear perspective without Morals and Christianity being involved and people not catching feelings? I wonder.

With the world population increasing on neglected children and post-natally depressed mothers, I personally think one needs to have a child when they are ready and willing to raise, love and care for such child.

This has to be done more than just for parents' peace of mind, but that child should find the opportunity of life as a golden experience and that can only happen if parents avail such an impression; material, flow of love, care and support. If anything seems to block a way for these to come to fruition and it is realized early enough, the option for safe termination of pregnancy by professionals in that field should be available, and perhaps counselling may be given if such need rise.

One person once said that we are a sick nation, not from Covid-19 or any pandemic, but we are fighting internal battles due to our backgrounds or a confusing base of our lives. This is a result of forcing matters in the name of staying Holy or just believing there is no other choice. But what is better?

Some people may argue on the basis of contraception that one should rather prevent pregnancy that terminate it, but what about those rape victims who couldn’t get help on time? What about those children forced into marriages with old men who will not even allow them to be on birth control?

One should have a child only when there is a guarantee of a better life for such child and it won’t regret ever being born. If not, the option to obtain a safe abortion practiced by medical professionals should be available.