Call for Proposals: End Term Evaluation

Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Programme: July 2017 – September 2020

REF: SID04REQ00219 


The AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) is a development organisation that exists to support local,  national and regional efforts to reduce new HIV, STI and TB infections, address the social and structural  drivers of HIV, remove the barriers to the realisation of sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR),  and build resilient communities. AFSA has strategically positioned itself to work both in partnership  with CBOs based in vulnerable communities and with national and regional NGOs engaged in advocacy  and policy influence.  

Programme Background 

AFSA’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) programme was set up in 2014. In line with the  organisations’ Strategic Plan, the programme aims to address and catalyse the transformation of  social, cultural, structural and legal barriers, which impede the realisation of HIV&AIDS and SRH rights  in marginalised communities and populations. For more information on the programme visit 

In 2017 AFSA was awarded a new grant to implement the SRHR programme in East and Southern  Africa (ESA). The programme will run until March 2021. The SRHR programme is implemented through  Sex Rights Africa Network (SRAN) which was established in response to the needs identified by  partners- this was the result of research conducted with SRHR role-players in Southern Africa and  internationally. 

SRAN’s purpose is to connect people and build their capacity to contribute to more effective practice  for SRHR though the online platform and various other platforms created to facilitate knowledge  exchange. The website, is a free, moderated platform open to individuals and  organisations involved or interested in strengthening sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR)  anywhere in the world. The website also serves as a ‘signpost’ to existing networks and campaigns,  rather than operating in parallel or in competition. 

Programme Goals  

The aim of the SRAN/SRHR programme is to achieve effective community-based action that is  strengthened through knowledge exchange, skills development and joint advocacy, contributing to  improved SRHR in Eastern and Southern Africa, and globally. 

Programme Objectives;  

  • Knowledge exchange and capacity building  
  • Partnerships for advocacy and accountability  
  • Support for rights holders to demand SRHR  
  • Research to support advocacy  
  • Programme management  

AFSA is looking for a consultant / service provider to conduct an end term evaluation of the SRAN/  SRHR programme in ESA. The evaluation will cover the period from July 2017 to September 2020.  Applicants must demonstrate that they have the following skills and competencies:  

  • Knowledge of SRHR approach to programming and SRHR issues in Eastern and Southern Africa; 
  • Experience in various programme implementation approaches at national and regional level 
  • Demonstrated expertise in evaluation methodologies and qualitative analysis; 
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting evaluations in the non-profit sector and the field of  SRHR or public health;  
  • Knowledge of the ESA and global situation with respect to SRHR related commitments at  country and regional level, and other relevant health policies and legislations;
  • Contextualised understanding of intersections related to barriers to SRHR; 
  • Ability /Flexibility to conduct the exercise under the current Covid-19 conditions 
  • Competence in Portuguese will be advantageous.  

Purpose of the Evaluation  

The evaluation will assess the extent to which the programme outcomes were achieved by AFSA and  its partners, through Sex Rights Africa (SRAN) between 1st July 2017 to 30 September 2020, and make  recommendations to inform future programming on SRHR in Southern Africa.  

The consultant(s) will be provided with the following to facilitate the evaluation process: 

  • Copy of grant agreement between the donor and AFSA;  
  • Copies of agreements / contracts between AFSA and the implementing partners; 
  • Copies of all relevant reports and documents on the programme, including but not limited to, the  consolidated proposal, work plans, and annual reports;  
  • Copies of selected MoUs /contracts of engagement  
  • Other documents relevant for the process of evaluation  
  • Names and contact details for selected partners and stakeholders in the region.  

Expected deliverables  

The consultant(s) will be required to: 

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the background, context and conditions for the  programme; 
  • Review programme reports  
  • Engage directly with AFSA staff, project partners, SRAN Network members and other CSOs  working together with project partners and stakeholders 
  • Present draft findings to a Task Team convened by AFSA and incorporate feedback from the  Task Team into the final evaluation report. 
  • Present a summary of findings and recommendations programme stakeholders  (conferences/ seminars)  

The consultant(s) will be expected to deliver the following with respect to the assignment: 

  • Conceptual framework (inception report) for the completion of the evaluation, including a  detailed proposed timeframe for the activities; 
  • Evaluation instruments (questionnaires, analytical tools);  
  • Draft detailed evaluation report, covering the various expectations outlined in this call;
  • Final detailed evaluation report which must include comments submitted by the Task Team;
  • Plain language executive summary and recommendations in a format that can be easily  presented to programme partners. 

Once appointed the consultant(s) will be required to operate within agreed timeframes to be  stipulated in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the following timeframes and conditions: 

  • Inception meeting with Task Team (Virtual or face-to-face)  
  • Amended framework following consultation with the Task Team by 31 of November 2020. 
  • Draft evaluation report by Friday 28 February 2021.  
  • Final evaluation report incorporating final comments or queries made by task team and/or  the programme donor by Friday the 15 April 2021 unless otherwise agreed by parties.  

Submission of Proposals 

Prospective applicants must submit their technical proposals and financial quotation including the  following:  

  • A costed project plan, stating the methodology and approach for accomplishing the task,  project phases, time frames and outputs 
  • Names, contact numbers, and CVs (Max 2 pages) of the team/ consultants assigned to the  project, including their roles and responsibilities 
  • Two references of similar work done 
  • Valid Tax Clearance certificate  
  • Valid VAT Registration Certificate  
  • Declaration of No Conflict of Interest  
  • Company Registration  
  • Valid BBBE Certificate  

Submission date  

Suitably qualified service providers/consultants are requested to submit a proposal and budget to with REF SID04REQ00219: SRAN/SRHR End Term Evaluation on the subject line on or before midnight on 25 October 2020.  

No late applications will be accepted. 

Enquiries: All enquiries are to be submitted in writing only to for the attention of  Mr Moeti Lesuthu.  

AFSA reserves the right to amend the Scope of Work and timeframes. Such amendments will be communicated before the  contract of engagement is signed with the selected service provider.