11 Mar 2019

Accountability Literacy and Advocacy on SRHR: 25 - 27 March 2019, Johannesburg South Africa

Dear Movement Builders,

The main priority of the Sex Rights Africa Network is to strengthen civil society to drive effective action and advocacy to advance SRHR in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Following on the success of the Movement Building Forum in December 2018, we will be hosting a workshop on Accountability Literacy and Advocacy on SRHR for network members.

The workshop is offered in association with Accountability International. The aim is to support knowledge exchange and skills development among our partners. It will focus on:

  • Understanding the commitments made by governments to realise SRHR in the region;
  • Tools to hold governments to account for implementation of those commitments.

This workshop is aimed at SRHR activists who are either Sex Right Network members, attended the Movement Building Forum or are part of the sub-regional forum.

All interested persons should submit a motivation based on their SRHR advocacy plans for 2019 and also indicate how attending the workshop will contribute to realising SRHR in their country or regionally.

We encourage all interested individuals to apply here by the 15 March 2019.

AFSA will provide travel and accommodation scholarships to participants who are further able to demonstrate need.

Yours in the struggle for SRHR,

For further information, please contact: melusidlamini@aids.org.za