15 Jan 2019

Providers Share Workshop Small Grant

The Providers Share Workshop: Background, history and findings

The Providers Share Workshop was developed by a team based at the University of Michigan, and offers abortion caregivers a space for discussing experiences about which they frequently remain silent. It was designed to help strengthen human resources for abortion care, and to alleviate some of the unique burdens of abortion provision, in particular the burden of stigma. PSW began as a pilot study at one abortion-providing facility in the United States in 2007, and to date, well over 1,000 abortion providers from North America, South America, Africa and Asia have participated.

Providers Share Workshop model:

The Providers Share Workshop is a 5-session group workshop, led by an experienced facilitator who is either not employed at the clinic, or does not have day-to-day work relationships with participants. The typical workshop model takes place over two consecutive days, as a retreat. All sessions are designed to address important aspects of caregivers’ experiences of working in abortion care, particularly experiences of stigma, and to support them in developing healthy coping skills individually and as a team. In order to encourage storytelling and self-expression, the Workshop uses a variety of formats, including discussion and arts-based methods that are known to help people talk about sensitive subjects. The PSW sessions are:

  • “What helping women end their pregnancies means to me” – Participants share their experiences as abortion care providers using a small object or token of personal significance to them.
  • “What helping women end their pregnancies means to my community” – Participants engage in a PhotoVoice activity, in which they share a photograph that represents what abortion work means to their community.
  • “Managing stigma: The decision to disclose” – Participants share if, when, how and to whom they disclose their work in abortion care.
  • “Memorable cases and difficult complications” – Participants share abortion care stories of particular significance to them.
  • “Imagining a world without abortion stigma” – Participants create Paper Prayers (similar to a collage) to explore their commitments to creating a future without abortion stigma.

Read the full one-pager here.


The Providers Share Workshop has announced a new seed grant program, offering 4 grants of up to $11,000 each to non-profit organizations interested in implementing the Providers Share Workshop. Funds can be used to:

  • Implement the Providers Share Workshop for the first time in an organization.
  • Expand the scope of the Providers Share Workshop, to new regions or new populations, in an organization that has already had some experience with it.
  • Adapt the Providers Share Workshop for use in a new population (i.e. among people who are not direct service providers, for example, advocates or policymakers).

The first step in the application process is to submit an online funding inquiry, by completing this form. A select number of full proposals will be invited, which will be due May 6th, 2019.

Please email the  completed form to pswinformation@umich.edu, or submit via this website by Friday, February 22nd, 2019, at midnight EST. An email confirmation of its receipt will be sent.  Organizations invited to submit a full proposal will be notified by Monday, 25 March 2019, and full proposals will due by Monday, 6 May 2019.