Help fund a safe space for LGBT+ Tanzanians

Tanzanian LGBTQ+ rights defenders, Eagle Wings Youth Initiative, is aiming to open a shelter for homeless LGBT+ people in Tanzania. The situation for LGBT+ people in Tanzania is precarious since the governor of the Dar es Salaam region initiated a hunt for LGBT+ people last year.

LGBT+ people in Tanzania experience frequent arrests, physical violence, sexual assaults, stigma, discrimination, and injustice, which has been compounded by other injustices allowed by this governor-endorsed hunt.

Eagle Wings Youth Initiative is a group of activists doing advocacy work and offering health and legal services that are needed in the LGBT+ community in Tanzania. It is unlikely that Eagle Wings Youth Initiative will be able to raise funds locally, considering the hostility toward the LGBT+ community in the country at present, and are therefore appealing for help via crowdfunding.

Owing to the anti-LGBT+ task force formed by the governor of Dar es Salaam last year, LGBT+ people sought refuge with Eagle Wings, which soon reached capacity. They are appealing for help to build a permanent shelter away from Dar es Salaam, which will provide housing for LGBT+ people which is safe, as well as legal support for those persecuted for being LGBT+.

Read more about the call for help here.