International Day of the Girl Child: Who do you feel is a GirlForce?

This year's theme for the International Day of the Girl Child is 'Girlforce: Unscripted &Unstoppable!'

International Day of the Girl Child has been celebrated since its inception in 2011 as a day to address girl-specific issues, rights, challenges and solutions.

With the theme 'Let's celebrate each other', we asked network members to choose one network member and explain why they feel the individual is a Girlforce to reckon with.

Margaret Sapazeka chose Elina Mwasinga

My GirlForce to reckon with is Elina Mwasinga.

Elina Mwasinga is a volunteer with the Coalition of Women Living with HIV, a local Non-governmental organization, where she protects and promotes the rights of HIV positive people. She is a role model and confidant for HIV positive youth going through stressful times. She is actively involved in the Lighthouse Tiwale Adolescent services, a youth program for HIV positive adolescents at the Lighthouse Trust Center, a center in the fight against HIV.
I choose her because of her big achievements, passion and capability and the change she has brought about in the lives of young people living with HIV particularly girls, she did a motivational speech at the annual gathering of all the youth of the Lighthouse Trust Centre that were graduating/transitioning to adult care. She addressed the speech to an audience of more than 400 adolescents, high-level dignitaries from various non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders that provide adolescent services. She was later awarded a Certificate of Excellency by Lighthouse for being the most influential young person of the year.

Busiku Handema chose Rugare Shalom Zimunya

Today is international day of the girl child! Most importantly, this day would not be meaningful for every girl child if we celebrate minus pointing out at least one female member of this informative, educating ,vibrant Sex Rights Rights Africa Network works of our very own member who is is truly a girl force as the theme stipulates it, unscripted and unstoppable Rugare Shalom Zimunya, I recognize your tireless efforts around SRHR advocate coming from an organization Every girl in school alliance (Egisa) in your works of action around ending menstrual poverty you are a champ.The #shut it down March to address GBV to address inequality by coming up with unified women movement. Raising your voice towards women choice through She-decides. We are proud of you as Africa and I must say I learn alot from you such a humble girl force who is unscripted and unstoppable!

No Image Afia Precious Simpande chose Urvashi Appiah

On this day I celebrate Urvashi Appiah. She is definitely a girl force I look forward to continue working with.She is one who is so bold and definitely a goal achiever.She speaks her mind without fear of what the world thinks.She stands for justice of many other young girls.She supports other girls too.She is one who rejoices with others when they succeed.She is smart too but never uses it to make others feel less of themselves.