Learn to #BalanceForBetter this International Women’s Day

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #BalanceForBetter, a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world. Globally, 30% of people surveyed in the International Women’s Day annual study believe that sexual harassment is the most important issue facing women today, followed by sexual violence, physical violence, domestic abuse and equal pay for equal work. Access to sanitary wear was not prevalent in this survey, but there was some indication that people surveyed believe it is an important issue facing women today.

Lack of access to sanitary wear and decent sanitation jeopardises the rights of girls and women to equality, dignity, health, education and decent work – many of the issues discussed in the survey above can be compounded by lack of access to sanitary wear and adequate sanitation. Taboos and beliefs can, and do, lead to harmful practices related to menstrual hygiene – how women are treated, where they are able to go, what they are able to do while they are menstruating. Education and mythbusting is necessary in order to cur harmful practices and to normalise menstruation. Access to free sanitary wear is an integral part of the fight for menstrual freedom and the normalisation of periods – sign the petition to demand access to free sanitary wear for all people who need it here!


The time is now to build a gender balanced world.A greater gender balance that reflects the diversity of our societies is a crucial goal for our global society.The time is now to look beyond gender and create a balanced habitat for all.Women are an important part of civil society, and they have already approved strong initiative, responsibility and great knowledge to positively affect all changes in society. This is a significant reason why women need to be recognized and treated with equal respect that is given to their male counterparts.Only when women have an equal voice will economies and the world be transformed and only then will all women have the self-determination they are entitled to. 

Thokozile Sewela Nhlumayo (South Africa)

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, I would like to recognise and honour the diversity of women in Africa and the World. The theme for 8 March 2019 is “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change”. Let us, first and foremost as women, not become a barrier to our fellow female counterparts, and work together and empower each other to become better every single day. No woman and no girl should be left behind! A healthy and educated woman has more to contribute to the world, and will benefit every member of the society irrespective of gender.


Urvashi Appiah (Mauritius)

On this day, I would like to remind the world that We as feminist women, dont see ourselves as men. Neither are we in competition with men. All we want are equal rights and opportunities. We have the strength, ability and merit for it. How about believing in us and seeing us as fellow humans?
Happy IWD2019.

Drucilla Meireles (Mozambique)

Let us continue to educate marginalized women in the rural areas about their legal rights. Nothing for rural women without them. #ExpectRespect #Balance


Mpho Maema (Lesotho)

Now is the time for us women to be given equal share at the table.Arise women,arise.Women may we continue forging ahead and move nation’s forward.Long live to all women.


Sharon Nyoni (Zimbabwe)

  Strive for equity to neutralize intergenerational patriarchal societies, we went through it now it’s time to learn through it. #BalanceForBetter


Aobakwe Sello (Botswana)

The fight for Gender Equality demands collective effort. Therefore both men and women should begin to speak with one voice and individually play their part to achieve it’s reality.
As we can only be all well off if we #Balance for Better, Now! 

Rosina Amesho (Namibia)

It’s important to keep in mind that gender equality is not limited to creating advantages for women. It means that everyone has access to the same benefits and opportunities

Neither men nor women can create a sustainable world on their own.

It’s therefore everyone’s duty to recognise and understand the importance of a balanced world.


Patricia Kajumba (Uganda)

As a mother of one, I would like to wish all women out there a very happy International Women’s Day, 2019. “Walk with your head held high,Smile with confidence and always fight for the best version of yourself”

Glory Chigama (Tanzania)

Women let’s love ourselves,take care your bodies and spirit.Build confidence in yourself. Let’s not sell ourselves short.Never sell your body or soul.Work hard and persevere.Lets stand up for ourselves. Happy International Women’s Day


Thando Mbokazi (South Africa)

The fight for women’s rights is still relevant and necessary! Through history, we see how women have fought for equality in regards to voting, family planning and education. However, there is still so much that needs to be done to promote gender balance and professional and social equity in regards to the workplace. Women need to also be found in boardrooms, media spaces and wealth because they are equal partners in contributing to economies.
I am a woman and I stand for gender balance 

Rugare Shalom Zimunya (Malawi)

The power of a highly motivated woman… A woman has the ability to bring forth life into the world. She is caring, compassionate and loving at all times! Above all she is very supportive. Both men and children alike need the mentorship and support from a woman.
Let’s hold hands as we celebrate today’s woman.

Mujilowe Patricia Ndhlovu (Zambia)

She radiates with light, amongst all that is still dark. She shatters the silence, with that big beautiful heart. She found such a way, to cultivate her pain; to fashion it, into an art. And it opens up the space, for all those around her. She gives them the freedom, to be who they are.

Magdaline Majuma (Kenya)

Women around the world should be treated with the respect they deserve because without women the world wouldn’t function. We women are brave, faithful, strong and daring which makes us equal to all men. The importance of women and their rights can never be overstated without recognition of importance of women and their rights. Yes women have to rule the world because the future is female. Non binary, globalist, and internationalist. Just one word.

From women, generations became. To all women, our glory shall forever remain.


Armel Azihar (Comoros)

Raise your glasses and your shields to acknowledge that every day is a battle and a triumph for every women and we wear a smile for both battle and triumph. Celebrate women, celebrate our struggle, celebrate us unapologetically! Break the norms and breathe, speak, live equality #Balanceforbetter #IWD 2019 #ExpectRespect #CelebrateWomen


Jessica Mandanda (Zambia)

Women are strong, creative and compassionate. We no longer live by the notion that it is a man’s world because it is everyone’s world. Creating a space for women’s power, skills and heart to thrive is key in building a better society . Our place in society as women is beyond the kitchen, it is in leadership, science and technology, etc. Do not limit yourself. Take up your place woman, the world needs you.

Natasha Seketa (Zambia)