07 Mar 2018

Mark International Women’s Day with a commitment to equality

As an organisation, are you committed to gender equity and equality in the workplace? Join the #NGO5050 Network and walk the talk on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Organisations can contact the #NGO5050 Network via email at NGO5050@satregional.org or use the form below to commit to implementing gender equality and equity in the workplace at an organisational level.

The NGO5050 Network aims to assist this process through the provision of toolkits.

The commitments:
1. Implement equitable staffing & remuneration.
2. Conduct gender transformative staff development.
3. Consider home responsibilities in workplace decisions.
4. Grant sufficient parental leave.
5. Demonstrate our commitment to equality through external representation of our organisations.
6. Eliminate sexual harassment and sexual & gender based violence.
7. Support menstrual health rights.
8. Support sexual and reproductive health and rights.
9. Conduct regular gender equity audits and report the findings.
10. Support gender responsive or transformative programming.

Call To Action - The 50/50 Equal Workplace Network

  • Hereby commits to the NGO5050 Network's Call to Action to realise gender equality and equity in the workplace