Organisations gather for U=U conference in Uganda

On the 16th of February 2019, Love to Love, an organisation of young people Living with HIV in Uganda, organized the First U=U conference. The conference was attended by hundreds of youth who marched from Kampala Road to Imperial Royal Hotel and in attendance were two Key population Organizations - Men Of the Night Uganda, a Male sex work led organisation, and Icebreakers Uganda, an LGBTI organisation.

What is U=U and what does it mean?

U=U in full is UNDETECTABLE equals UNTRANSMITTABLE and is based on scientific HIV research. U=U shows that someone who is effectively taking their HIV treatment as prescribed by medical personnel for about six months and maintains Undetectable viral load cannot pass on the virus to HIV negative sexual partner/s. The risk of transmission when a person’s viral load is Undetectable is totally ZERO.

Why is U=U critically important?

It empowers People Living With HIV

It dismantles HIV Stigma

It incentivizes Treatment utilization and adherence

U=U underscores the need for universal access to quality treatment