International Women’s Day 2019 – Global attitudes towards gender equality

International Women’s Day surveyed 18,800 adults in 27 countries around the world regarding their attitudes and beliefs towards gender equality.

Findings from the survey have been compiled under the themes of women in society today, attitudes to gender equality, men’s role in equality, issues facing women, actions for change, and achieving equality.

Findings include:

  • Two thirds of those surveyed believe that women won’t achieve equality in their country unless men take actions to support women’s rights too.
  • Two-thirds of people globally (65%) say that achieving equality between men and women is important to them personally – although this has fallen five points since last year (70%).
  • Three in ten people globally (30%) pick out sexual harassment as the top issue facing women, which is in line with findings in 2018 when the figure was 32%.
  • Education is the area where people think equality will be achieved first – close to half (47%) are confident that discrimination against women in education will have ended in 20 years. People are much less confident about this happening in government and politics (37%).

You can find the full study here.

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