Tell Me About... The Changes in My Body!

The AIDS Foundation of South Africa is launching a new resource to support discussions on puberty among young adolescents and adults.

Tell me about…the changes in my body’ is a resource which is supported by Childline, is aligned with the latest International guidelines on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), and can be used alongside alongside the South African Department of Basic Education Life Skills lesson plans.

The resource covers 6 parts – puberty and adolescence, changing bodies, reproduction, menstruations, sexuality and gender, and sexual feelings and pleasure. Tell me about…the changes in my body provides information on adolescence and puberty which is free of judgement and is based on facts – presenting the opportunity for support and affirmation of children who are growing into their bodies and feelings, and the chance to demystify the process of puberty for those undergoing it.

The booklet is designed to give children and young adolescents the tools to make informed, conscious and healthy decisions regarding relationships, sexuality, health and well-being, while presenting the information factually, objectively, inclusively, and in an age-appropriate manner.

Download the booklet here

Download the Facilitator's Guide here

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