19 Sep 2016

IAS/CIPHER and WHO Survey - Setting global research priorities for paediatric and adolescent HIV

From PATA Communications on behalf of IAS/CIPHER and WHO

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IAS/CIPHER and WHO are undertaking a global research prioritization process on HIV testing, treatment, care and support for children and adolescents. Through broad engagement with diverse stakeholders, like yourself, this process will establish a shared global prioritized research agenda.

Your help and expertise is required to inform this research agenda by identifying the most important research questions that will ensure better outcomes for these populations.

Despite the increased attention and commitment to pediatric and adolescent HIV, further efforts are required to fill gaps in testing, treatment, care and support through developing evidence to inform policy change. Funding for research in HIV is changing and is limited due to competing priorities. There is a need to maximize available resources and in order to do this we need to prioritize the evidence that needs to be generated.

To develop this research agenda we will be using an adapted method developed by the Child Health and Nutrition Initiative (CHNRI) and used previously in WHO processes to develop prioritized research agendas.

The following steps outline key phases in the process, we would appreciate your input in Step one and Step three:

  • Step one: Through the online survey link below you can submit up to 10 research question that you feel are a priority.
    • Depending on your area of expertise you can participate in the survey for a) peadiatric HIV, b) adolescent HIV or c) both populations.
    • At the end of the survey, if you are currently undertaking research or have research approved in this area, you will be asked if you could share key details about your research project(s) – this includes all types of study designs. This information will aid us in mapping the evidence expected and identify research gaps.
    • The survey will be available in 4 different languages
  • Step two: CIPHER/WHO will 1) collate all the research questions proposed by stakeholders into a list and 2) summarise the current research activities in the field.
  • Step three: You will then receive a second online survey where you will be able to score the collated list of research questions using criteria provided.
  • Step four: CIPHER/WHO will analyse the scoring and develop a prioritized research agenda
  • Step five: The prioritized agenda will be disseminated widely in a final report and webinar.

To help us further reach key stakeholders we would appreciate your assistance by a) forwarding this email onto other relevant individuals, groups or networks, b) printing out the PDF version of the survey and input your colleagues answers electronically, c) make the survey available to others electronically through laptops or tablets.

Access the survey now:

Click here

Survey deadline: 10/10/2016

We sincerely look forward to your participation and support in this important process. If you have any questions, please contact Diddie Schaaf, diddie.schaaf@iasociety.org.